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Hello, my freak-englishly ambitious people!

Since I know that many of you learn English all on your own, without a teacher or a partner, I’d like you to know that I’ve got your back! 

I’m reaching out to you with the ULTIMATE YOUTUBE LIST to make your learning routine a little bit easier. I guarantee you that it’s fabulous because I use all of the suggested videos on a daily basis with my own students or for self-study. (Yep, learning a language and improving your skills is a never-ending journey. 🙂

Tackling the American accent

Here are a couple of my personal gurus:

  1. Hadar Shemesh

Guys, hear me out. This woman is a gem. Not only does she teach the American accent, but also has A LOT to say about shifting the mindset of a language learner. So, if you’re struggling with picking a teacher to learn with, start with Hadar. 

2. Rachel’s English

Rachel is another PRO when it comes to the American accent. On her channel, you’ll find tons of useful videos that break down the most important aspects of speaking English like a native. She has a bunch of cool videos in which she shows us how to use English in various complex and stressful situations, for instance, like when you’re on the phone or at a job interview. 


Shadowing is a perfect way to nail the desired accent. Why not do it with your favorite stars? A nice “side effect” of shadowing is learning REAL American English, meaning slang, phrasal verbs, idioms, etc. Choose one of your favorite videos and repeat after the speaker. Listen to your pronunciation and go one step further every time you practice. Record yourself, and try to catch what needs improvement. Make it your habit and you’ll be able to mimic the stress, the melody of the language, and grasp contractions. In no time you’ll become a PRO yourself!. Having the opportunity to practice alone and for free at home is unique since English is not a phonetic language, and you often don’t pronounce words the way they are written. Plus, hello?! It’s free 🙂 

Exercise your linguistic muscles with:

 VOGUE – learning with the stars

SWEET DIGS – learning with random, but still very interesting, American people 😉

Kathrin Zenkina – Kathrin may not be a Hollywood star, but for sure she is one on the Internet. Her pronunciation is very clear, plus she talks about a very catchy topic – Manifesting your dream life.

You can also learn with some awesome teachers for free.

English Coach Chad

Rachel’s English


And here’s something special for those just starting out. Dear beginners, you can use all the resources I’ve listed above, but this one has been added specifically with you in mind. 

Speak English with Vanessa

Speaking skills. 

If learning from TV shows is really not your thing and you prefer something more relaxing, I’ve got you!

Yep, you can listen to real-life conversations on YouTube, too. It’s an ideal solution for beginners, but I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their listening skills. What I love about these websites is that they are really effective at improving your English and perfect for a massive vocabulary boost! 

a) Introduce yourself!

English Class 101

b) How to start thinking in English?

Go Natural English

c) Another casual conversation 

Speak English with Vanessa

Listening skills

We can’t improve our linguistic skills in isolation; the best approach is a holistic one – instead of focusing on one aspect of learning a language and then another, we work on all of them at the same time.  

When it comes to teaching my students, I always listen carefully to their needs and get to know their hobbies to make learning English as fun as possible for them.

That’s when Youtube comes in handy – it helps with multiple aspects at the same time.

When using YouTube, be sure to ALWAYS make it interesting. Ditch the topics that bore you to death. Let’s say you’re interested in books. Go and find someone talking about books in English. Or maybe you love traveling? YouTube is full of that type of content! Here are my faves: 


  1. Ava Jules
  2. A Clockwork Reader


  1. Aimee Song
  2. Simple Victoria


  1. Allison Anderson
  2. The Endless Adventure


So, I bet you get it. The same principle of making English fun applies to grammar. Don’t forget to check the description below each video, because teachers on YouTube love to share additional materials like free workbooks or courses. 

English Grammar Course For Beginners: Basic English Grammar

British vs American English Grammar Differences

ALL English Tenses in 20 Minutes – Basic English Grammar

And here’s something extra!

Over the course of my career as a teacher I’ve helped many people excel at job interviews in English. Do you want to know the secret? Preparation! It’s as simple as that. Doing it on your own? No worries, because I’ve cherry-picked some useful answers that will help you crush your next job interview.  Let me know how it went. 🙂 

  2. English Job Interview Dos & Dont’s! 
  3. 8 Power Words for Your Job Interview in English
  4. Work English: 12 Phrasal Verbs for Job Interviews

And that’s all for now, Folks. If you know of any other resources that you’d like to share with your fellow students, drop a comment below, and I’d be more than happy to add them to the list. 🙂

Masz ochotę na angielski rodem z Amerykańskich ulic? Czujesz, że Twój angielski jest OK, ale brakuje Ci naturalnych zwrotów, takich które słyszysz w serialach Amerykańskich i w internecie? Kup jeden z moich e-booków i działaj! E-booki są napisane 100% po angielsku i pomogą Ci równolegle poprawić umiejętności językowe (słuchanie, pisanie, czytanie, mówienie). Są idealnym rozwiązaniem jeśli uczysz się samodzielnie + plus są tańsze niż jedna godzina lekcyjna z lektorem, to materiał na conajmniej kilka tygodni nauki 🙂

Words & phrases worth knowing:














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